Synchronize the custom attribute from WooCommerce to Square with Simple Product Auto sync :

Here we have some easy steps that will definitely help you to understand how to Synchronize the Attribute from WooCommerce to Square with Simple Products

Step 1: First sign in to your wordpress dashboard as you can see below

Step 2: On your left side of the screen Click on  PRODUCT then select Add new product as shown below

Step 3: Write name of your product and Description of your product as shown below

Step 4: Now move over to General and give your product a Regular price as shown below

Step 5: Then click on INVENTORY and write SKU code of product as shown below

Step 6: In the same manner you will see Attributes click on that and select the option custom product attribute and click Add button as shown below

Step 7: At this point we provide name of Attribute e.g size,colour etc,In the same time give the values of attributes. For Example (let suppose size is the name of your attribute then small,medium and large will be value of attribute)  and Click as shown below

How to Setup Product Image

After saving attributes,Just on your right side click set product Image,On the next screen you will see media library (choose image from library OR Upload your own image) and then click set product image as shown below

How to select product categories:

You can select categories or add your own category by clicking +add new category and then click Publish as shown below

Step 8:Now on your left side click Woo Square and scroll down to Woo Square Settings,

  • Select Location of your Store
  • Turn ON Auto synchronize
  • Select Auto Sync each periodic like (1 hour,12 hour and 24 hour) that will update changes periodically as shown below   
  • Merging Option:This will allow you to choose the way you want your product sync e.g WooCommerce product will Override on square products and vice versa

Note: If you have more than 500 products then don’t choose Auto sync hourly


Step 9:   Sign in to your Square Dashboard

Step 10: On your left side click on items you will find the item library,Select the product you just Add on woocommerce,Open product you will see Image,Regular price and SKU code even variation in the same way you added in woocommerce as shown below

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