How to create a Refund from Square POS to Woocommerce :

Description : This article will help you to understand how you can create refund from Square POS to WooCommerce,  just follow these easy steps

Step 1: Create a charge from your Square POS as shown below

Step 2: After making a successful sale you can able to see this screen on your Square POS

Step 3: At this point open wordpress Dashboard and click on WooCommerce you can see Order is created against the sale which you made in Square as shown below

Step 4: Now we start refund process from square POS, Open Transactions and click on that transaction you want to refund

Step 5: On top of Square POS you can see Issue Refund Button click on it

Step 6: At this stage insert AMOUNT TO REFUND, then select REASON FOR REFUND and on very bottom click  Refund Button on your Square POS

The Final Results

Step 7: Now you created refund on your Square POS

Step 8 : Orange Arrow will appear on transaction which you refunded

Step 9: Open your wordpress Dashboard, now you can see refund is made against the order you refunded from SquarePOS as shown below

Step 10: You can see detail of refund order as shown below

Step 11: To track your refunds always save your order notes that you can see on right side of screen as shown below